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Pizza Delivery Guy Gets A $700 Tip Just When He Needed It The Most

Pizza Delivery Guy Gets A $700 Tip Just When He Needed It The Most

Every single person on this planet has gone thorough difficult points in their lives. As humans, we will eventually fall and need to pick ourselves back up. Some people’s struggles may not be actual falls, but just small stumbles. Other people’s struggles turn out to be giant pits that they have very little hope of getting out of. This pizza delivery guy for Gionino’s Pizzeria seems to have gone through some big struggles in his life. He is trying to get his life back together and recover from addiction. I’ve seen family members struggle with addiction, and it is not something I would wish upon anyone. When I see someone who is legitimately trying to recover from one, I feel they deserve to be recognized and respected, because it isn’t an easy thing to come back from. Well this pizza delivery guy’s holiday season will be a lot brighter this year  thanks to the actions of some good people. Check out the video and see what had this pizza delivery guy in tears.

Check Out This Pizza Delivery Guy In Tears:

What an absolutely amazing and kind gesture by the people of this church. Being a good person can have so many rewards, but the biggest one is simply feeling like you really helped someone out in a time of need. There really is no better feeling than that. This pizza delivery driver really seemed to appreciate the kindness of the people he encountered. I probably would have reacted the same way if I received an amazing gift such as that.

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