Perfect Paper Airplane Throw From Top Of Stadium Hits Player In The Head

Perfect Paper Airplane Throw From Top Of Stadium Hits Player In The Head

Sometimes a person can catch a pretty amazing event on their camera. An event they will never forget, but now they will have the footage to remember it for a lifetime. Years ago, this is what happened during the England VS. Peru soccer game at Wembley Stadium in London. To give you an idea of just how big this stadium is, it can hold upwards of 90,000 people at a time. Some events that are held here are the England National Football Team games, NFL games, UEFA Champions League Finals, and many concerts. It’s a gigantic stadium that reaches 436 feet tall! So when a group of fans decided to do the unthinkable with a paper airplane, just wait until you see what happens. Watch the video below to find out.

The player that was hit was Hansell Riojoas. Luckily he played for Peru, so it did hit a member of the opposing team. Even though I’m a huge soccer fan, I’m surprised the players didn’t make a bigger deal out of this. It makes me laugh to see the reaction of the stands, all over a paper airplane. It didn’t even seem to bother the player, but the crowd sure loved it.

Written by Erica Hatch

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