Amputee Soccer Players Show Off Their Seriously Impressive Skills

Amputee Soccer Players Show Off Their Seriously Impressive Skills

There is no prototypical athlete on our wonderful planet Earth. They come in all shapes and sizes. Many Americans would not consider Sumo wrestlers athletes, but in Japan they are considered some of the best. There really is no one definition you can put on an athlete. Some athletes are even born without certain limbs, or by some tragic accident lose one or multiple. It’s these people who embody what an athlete truly is for me. Overcoming adversity and accomplishing goals is what truly makes an athlete, and you would be hard pressed to find someone who has to do that more than an athlete who is missing one or multiple limbs. The one-legged soccer players in the video below truly show what you can overcome with determination and will power. The skills the one-legged soccer players show in this video would be hard for most people with two legs, they make it look easy with just one though. I played soccer when I was younger and I was never any good at it. I imagine from the first time these guys kicked a soccer ball, they have been terrific athletes on the pitch. Having to learn how to do things with only one leg is never something I want to have to do, but these one-legged soccer players have adapted to it and even excelled at it.

Check Out These One-Legged Soccer Players And Their Incredible Skills!

Pretty incredible stuff, right? I will never be able to a do quarter of the stuff they were doing in that video, even if I practiced for multiple hours a day. Their passes to each other were so precise, it looked like I was watching players who should be on T.V. These amazing athletes truly are an inspiration to me for what they are able to accomplish with the odds stacked against them.

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