Octopus Shows Off Its Ridiculous Camouflage Powers

Octopus Shows Off Its Ridiculous Camouflage Powers

If you happened to pass by this patch of reef you would never know there was something lurking other than plant life, coral and sand. That is exactly what the creature lurking within is counting on too. It is a master of camouflaging itself. Waiting for its next meal to swim by. The elusive creature in the video isn’t the only weird sea creature that camouflages itself. The Southern Stingray, Leopard Flounder, Cuttlefish and the Mimic Octopus are a few others that hide from threats and confuse their prey by blending into their surroundings. It’s pretty cool to see. Take a look at this master of disguise. It’s almost magic.

Not only can some octopus change their skin color, but they can change the texture of their skin to blend in. They have tiny muscles that they can constrict to appear rough when needed. An octopus camouflaging itself is truly amazing! Did you know that when an octopus mother gives birth she shoots out 200,00 babies at a time? She then hangs onto all of them with her tentacles. If she gets hungry and needs food she eats some of them to survive. A little brutal but those are some amazing survival skills. This would totally freak me out but not as bad as jumping into the ocean not knowing a great white shark was directly below me. What are your thoughts?

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