Two New Species Of Crab Were Discovered In Indonesia

Two New Species Of Crab Were Discovered In Indonesia

We love animals here at BuzzNick. Whether it be adorable videos of kitties or dog shaming photos, our love for animals is indescribable. With that being said, I truly believe that there are some species of animals that probably just shouldn’t exist, except maybe in horror movies. Animals that just seem to unreal to actually be existing. But, unfortunately, these horrifying  animals do actually exist. In Java, Indonesia there are two newly discovered crab species. One of them has unique purple claws while the other had fiery orange nippers. Both of them have spooky yellow eyes which give them a vampire appearance. The two new crabs were found along the hillside by a group of researchers led by  Peter Ng of National University of Singapore.  The team named the unique purple one Geosesarma dennerle and the distinct orange one Geosesarma hagen.

The carnivorous Geosesarma hagen enjoys its meals from insects living on the ground in the dense bottom vegetation. The adults are about 13 millimeters wide. They have bright orange claws and vivid colors that can extend through out their backs too. Although some of their backs will remain brown. They were named after the Rolf C. Hagen Group of Companies, which is a major pet supplies company in Germany that supported the research of these crabs.

Two New Species Of Crab Were Discovered In Indonesia
Believe It or Not!

Unlike the hagen, the dennerle live under and between rocks among vegetation on the slopes of a small valley, eating grasshoppers, larvae, and plant detritus.

Two New Species Of Crab Were Discovered In Indonesia
Animal Factoids

The adults are usually a little bit larger at 14 millimeters wide. These received their name after the German company Dennerle, which also supported their work.

Two New Species Of Crab Were Discovered In Indonesia
Inner Splendor

In Indonesia, the selling and trade of these specific crabs has been going on for over a decade. But researchers have never actually named this new crab species before. One researcher states, “They start collecting in areas where scientists may not have made any expeditions so far, and suddenly the market is formed with some animals that no one has ever given a name.” Are you a crab fan? Would you want one of these unique crabs as a pet?

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