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Skier Has Terrifying Near Miss As He Skis Past A Mountain Lion

Skier Has Terrifying Near Miss As He Skis Past A Mountain Lion

Here at BuzzNick, we have seen some pretty out of this world things, especially for our extreme sports fans. Remember when the guy was biking and a bear chased him? Or that one time when the guy went on a safari and a cheetah decided to join him? This next video is no different! A skier at a popular Utah ski resort was enjoying his day on the mountains, slowly going down the slopes, minding his own business. It’s what he caught on camera that was absolutely insane. Watch the 12 second video below, then let us know what you would have done if you saw a mountain lion that close to you.

This is a skiing experience one man won’t be forgetting in a hurry – after coming within inches of a mountain lion.

The dangerous wild animal was lying in the shade of a tree when the man skated past on a ski slope in Utah, almost colliding with the creature.
Appearing unconcerned by the passing skier, the mountain lion remained still as the skier glided by shakily, attempting to avoid coming face to face with the wild cat.

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