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Motorcyclist Chases Down Purse Thief And Becomes Hero

Motorcyclist Chases Down Purse Thief And Becomes Hero

We’re taught from the time that we are young that stealing is never okay to do. It doesn’t matter the circumstances, you don’t take things that don’t belong to you. Sadly, this message gets lost on many people, and they resort to a life of thievery. Many of us say that if we ever saw someone stealing from someone else, that we would step in. Unfortunately, not everyone is always in a position to do something. Maybe they are in a position to do something, but they are just not decisive enough to take action. These are normal things that happen in a stressful situation. The motorcyclist in this video is definitely able to keep his cool under pressure though. He is riding through the streets of Kiev when all of a sudden a man rushes past him with what looks like a women’s purse. The biker’s instincts kick in and he becomes the hero of the day with the action he ends up taking. Check out the quick thinking of this motorcyclist and the good deed he did without any thought of his own personal safety.

This guy definitely didn’t hesitate. He didn’t think about his own safety, he just did what he felt had to be done. Now, personally I won’t recommend chasing after a thief because you never know if they have some sort of weapon. All it would have taken is for that thief to pull out a gun and shoot the motorcyclist, and then this becomes a completely different type of story. Fortunately though, he was able to retrieve this ladies purse without incident and everyone went on their way. The lady looks extremely grateful, and the rider even gets a little smooch out of the deal! Not a bad way to spend your afternoon.

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