Two Hours After Holding Her Baby That Just Died During Birth, She Heard A Gasp

Immediately after giving birth, Kate was told her newborn baby Jamie did not make it. Jaime was born 27 weeks premature. This is a pain only a mother can know and I can only imagine how terrible receiving that news would be after waiting to meet the love of your life. Utterly distraught and crushed, this mother only wanted to hold her baby boy to say goodbye. She then cuddled with him for two hours.

What happens next completely astonishes doctors. Watch the video to witness a real miracle.

This video proves just how powerful the love of a mother can be. The bond between a child and its mother is undeniably one of the most powerful forces on this earth. Kate and her son Jamie are doing great and even doctors are baffled at the outcome of this miraculous story. No explanation has been given as to why this infant comes back to life after being pronounced dead for almost 2 hours. She is just happy that she is able to hold her baby boy as he clings on to the incredible woman who gave him life and saved his life.

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