This Kid Is Officially The Next Bruce Lee

This Kid Is Officially The Next Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is a god among mere men when it comes to his legacy in the martial arts world. No one, not even the great Chuck Norris has had a greater impact on more generations of young martial artists than Bruce Lee did, and still does even after his death. He is practically worshipped around the world as being one of the first people to introduce the concept of MMA or Mixed Martial Arts to a larger population. He was of the belief that you could never know enough when it came to different fighting styles and was a strong advocate of blending different ones together to create things no one had ever heard of. I used to be obsessed with Lee when I was younger, and apparently this miniature Bruce Lee has caught the bug as well. I’ve never seen someone of this kids age (5 years old) do a better job of imitating the dragon. This miniature Bruce Lee is better than a lot of full-grown men I know with a set of Nunchucks. This little guy is going to be a star someday!

Check Out This Miniature Bruce Lee!

This kid is absolutely incredible. There really is almost no variation between him and the actual Bruce Lee on the T.V. behind him. I really hope this little guys parents keep him involved in martial arts because he has certainly got the gift for it. Unfortunately, the real Bruce Lee was taken from us way too soon. It really makes me sad when I think about all the movies that he could have done and how much more he could have contributed to the martial arts film genre if he hadn’t tragically died. We just have to be happy with what the legacy he left behind.

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