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Luckiest Dog Ever Gets A DIY Ball Pit Surprise For His Birthday

Luckiest Dog Ever Gets A DIY Ball Pit Surprise For His Birthday

Ball pits were so much fun as a kid. You could run and jump without a care in the world, only to be surrounded by thousands of colorful balls. But as an adult, ball pits are basically a cesspool for who knows what. If your imagination gets the best of you though, you can really only imagine what is living in there. I’ve always thought it would be fun to have a ball pit in your house if you happen to have a spare room that isn’t being used. That way you kind of know what’s going into the ball pit, rather than imagining it. Have you ever wondered what an animal would think of a ball pit in the house, more specifically a dog? Well this adorable dog named Maymo was having a birthday, and the owners wanted to give him something memorable. After seeing how Maymo reacts, I kind of want to get one for my dog.

Awww Maymo is just too adorable! I love how he just lays inside the ball pit all cozy and relaxed. If I could have all the puppies in the world, I definitely would in a heartbeat. And I’d make one gigantic ball pit for all of them! I love that at first he was very confused about what was happening, but as time went on and he got more comfortable, he took full advantage! I’m pretty sure every animal shelter and doggie day care needs to invest in a doggie ball pit to keep their animals happy during their stay.

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