Game Programmer Creates Pregnancy Announcement Into ‘Super Mario Bros’ Video Game

Game Programmer Creates Pregnancy Announcement Into 'Super Mario Bros' Video Game

This couple seems to just be winning at life. Josh and Joanna seem to have everything going for them. They met while they were both in the college band, got married, and now they have some more extremely exciting news. However, they aren’t going to give up this secret without a little drama, flair, and a little bit of their inner nerd coming out. This video is every nerd’s dream if they eventually end up having children. It starts out with Josh (Mario) just being Josh, stomping on mushrooms and turtles. Josh all of sudden goes to college however, and even joins the band. Joanna (Princess Peach) then comes into the picture and apparently she is a band geek as well. You then see the two fall in love and eventually after destroying some more baddies, they get married by Toad! Things are going along pretty swimmingly in life it seems; Josh and Joanna are happily married and everything is going great. All of a sudden, Josh takes a look back and what does he see? Joanna is pregnant! Doing this kind of an announcement with a video game would be pretty tricky, but Josh and Joanna pulled it off flawlessly, and the results speak for themselves in my opinion. This Mario pregnancy announcement is one of the cooler ways to let people know your expecting I’ve ever seen.

Check Out This Awesome Mario Pregnancy Announcement!

How awesome was that? Whoever did this Mario pregnancy announcement for them did an absolutely amazing job! It truly felt like I was watching someone play a game of Mario, well until he transformed into a member of the band that is. Seriously though, if you’re a nerd and are trying to think of a creative way to let everyone know about your little bundle of joy, you might want to take a page out of this couple’s book.

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