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How To Get Fired In Less Than 20 Seconds

There are definitely days that start off really well, then they just go terribly wrong. On these days, it seems like the only way for your day to get better is to go to bed and start over in the morning. You can’t get to bed soon enough. Well this poor guy was just doing his job, literally. He was moving crates with a hand truck, just minding his own business, when he made a giant mistake. Unfortunately that mistake probably cost him his job. And since it was caught on camera, it’s possible he will have a hard time finding another job anytime soon. Just watch this video below and you’ll understand just how large this mistake really was.

I can’t help but feel sorry for this guy. As soon as he saw what was happening, you could see the look of sheer panic on his face. He grabs his head and has no idea what to do next. How are you supposed to fix this problem, especially since it was caught on camera? Hopefully his boss wasn’t too harsh on him, but I can definitely understand if he lost his job.