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6 Foot Guy Gets In A 6 Foot Water Balloon Until It Pops And It’s Satisfying To Watch

6 Foot Guy Gets In A 6 Foot Water Balloon Until It Pops And It's Satisfying To Watch

The Slow Mo Guys are at it again! I would absolutely love to have their job! It seems like they get paid to play! Gavin Free and friend, Daniel Gruchy are known for their high-definition slow motion videos. They have even been featured on the Tonight Show in 2012! This video featuring Dan, who is 6 feet tall, squeezing himself into a 6 foot water balloon as it fills with water, while his partner and friend Gavin laughs at his antics.  And of course, anytime you are unable to touch your face it is inevitable that you get an itch which makes it all the more funny! You have to see this man inside a giant water balloon. !

These two would be so much fun to hang out with! And their slow motion videos are simply amazing! I can watch this water balloon pop over and over again!  However, as I watched this video all I could think about is how dumb he would be if he tried to stick his head inside. Then Gavin suggest that Dan do just that and it seems that he actually considers following through for a second before replying “no.” And even after realizing it would be a bad decision Dan still stretches the opening big enough to look inside! Thank goodness he didn’t go against his instincts. Regardless of worrying about all the things that might go wrong while viewing this video, I’m so glad that they caught this awesome balloon popping on their slow motion cameras for our enjoyment!

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