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Tourist Learns The Hard Way To Never Get In The Way Of The Queen’s Guards

Tourist Learns The Hard Way To Never Get In The Way Of The Queen's Guards

If you happen to visit England, or more specifically Buckingham Palace, you may not help but notice men in red and black military attire with tall fuzzy hats. This is the Queen’s Guard and contrary to popular believe, they are more than just a tourist attraction or just for ceremony. They are fully functioning soldiers that guard the residence of the Queen (or King when the monarch is male, at which time they are called the King’s Guard). They have been guarding England’s monarchs since 1660. Most tourists take advantage of the guard’s lack of reaction to provocation. The Queen’s Guards are known for keeping their position, including a straight face, even while tourists pose with them for pictures or get in their faces.  However, the Queen’s Guards got one tourist back during the ceremonial Changing of The Guards which happens most days at 11:30 am.

The lady in the back ground said it best when she remarked, “Stupid Man!” after the soldier’s literally bowled him over! This just goes to show you that you don’t mess with the Queen’s Guard and when they are on the move you better be paying attention!

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