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Man Flips Car As He Tries To Avoid Oncoming Car

Man Flips Car As He Tries To Avoid Oncoming Car

Driving is a huge responsibility. Automobile crashes are one of the largest causes of death in many developed countries. We’ve all had scary experiences on the road. I’ve been in a few semi-serious car accidents, and every time for a few weeks after I find myself a little more jumpy on the road. Well the guy in the video below has every reason to never want to get into a car again after what happened to him. He was driving when all of a sudden he is being faced with a head on collision. What happens next is something you usually only see in actions movies.

Wow! That would have been absolutely terrifying! The BMW that he swerved to avoid should have been paying better attention. You really have to question how some people were able to pass their driving tests. Because it sure doesn’t seem like they know the first thing about operating a vehicle when they are out on the road. Luckily this man was uninjured and able to get out of his car on his power. We can only hope the other driver stopped to make sure he was ok.

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