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Three Young Girls Covering ‘Enter Sandman’ Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

Three Young Girls Covering 'Enter Sandman' Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day

When you think of rock and metal, you typically think of some dirty musician with holes in his overly-tight denim or leather pants. Someone with crazy tattoos, wild and messy hair, and a cigarette hanging out of their mouth. This has become the standard image for the rock & roll culture, and high at the top of the list of icons is none other than Metallica. These guys define rock and have embraced the image of dirty, gritty, loud, and fast music. Depending on the mood I want to be in, I love metal! The loud screaming, fast guitars, and beating drums just slam adrenaline through your veins and get you pumped up! Well I just came across a video that is exploding across the internet because it contains all of these elements, only there’s a twist. You won’t see a group of smelly, angry guys shredding this Metallica song, but rather 3 cute little girls. I know, I know, not quite what you’d be expecting when you want to hear Enter Sandman by Metallica, but that’s what makes this video so awesome. These three sisters from Monterrey, Mexico have some serious talent. The little girls covered Metallica in hopes of raising enough money to get them to the Berklee School of Music Summer Program. There’s a 14-year-old guitarist and vocalist named Daniela, a 12-year-old drummer named Paulina, and the youngest, Alejandra, who is a 9-year-old bass player. Watch these adorable little girls cover Metallica and completely melt your face!

These sisters from Monterrey totally rock! For being so young, their talent is incredible and it is obvious they have a bright future ahead of them. The girl on the drums, Paulina, just kills it! In fact they all do. I’m amazed that a 9 year old can handle the bass with so much passion. Daniela completely nails the vocals with soul. It’s obvious these girls love what they do and have a blast doing it. I’m glad they decided to cover a Metallica song rather than a Disney tune. It was a smart choice on their part because they are gaining attention everywhere. These little girls cover Metallica and totally nail it! You can donate to the cause by visiting their website HERE.

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