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Mysterious Motorcyclist Chases Down People Who Drop Litter And Throws It Back At Them

There are people in this world who take pride in making their communities better, whether it be by volunteering or donating to charity. They do things as simple as cleaning up the streets of your local community, which can go a long way to make the place you live just a little bit better. These people strongly benefit the world and inspire us to do better in our everyday lives. That being said there are people who do the opposite. People that have a complete disregard for anyone other than themselves. These people seem to suck the good out of society for their own selfish reasons. Well a lot of people say that you get what you deserve. People have a strong belief in karma and think the world will react to the actions you make in life. Other people would rather take matters into their own hands rather than wait for karma to sort it out. This is exactly the case for this motorcycle rider and when a less than favorable act occurs, well let’s just say it’s quickly dealt with in order to teach selfish people a lesson. Take a look at the video below, you won’t believe what happens!

Apparently in this town littering will get you a taste of your own medicine if this rider catches you. I’m not saying taking things into their own hands is the smartest idea, but I’m also not saying that these people didn’t deserve exactly what they got. They are officially a litterbug renegade!

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