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Family Loses It When Lion Opens Car Door At Safari Park

Family Loses It When Lion Opens Car Door At Safari Park

I have always thought that going on an African Safari would be amazing. You get to see wild animals in their natural element, where you really are incredibly vulnerable but  at the same time, the sights would be breathtaking. When you have a knowledgeable safari guide, you would feel beyond safe, putting all of your trust in them. Well that’s what happened when this group decided to go on an African Safari. They thought they’d be safe, seeing beautiful animals in their natural element. They are in a car made of metal after all. But when you see what these lions are guarding, it’s no wonder that they were a little on edge from the beginning. Just wait until you see what happens in the video. It made me jump!

I seriously jumped when I saw what that lion did. At first thought, I’m thinking, “Why didn’t they lock their doors?” Well, why would they? Lions don’t have opposable thumbs so you wouldn’t think that a lion opening a car door would be possible. This group is very lucky that the person in the back thought quickly enough to slam the door shut as fast as possible. I like how the lion is still standing by the car as they drive off like he did nothing wrong. I’m sure they are very confused anytime a car comes by to check them out. It was just this lions turn to do the checking out this time.

What would your reaction be if this happened to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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