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Incredible Video Of A Speeding Train Crashing Into A Limousine

Incredible Video Of A Speeding Train Crashing Into A Limousine

Sometimes when it’s not your day, it’s really not your day. Sometimes life just decides to send you more crap on one day than you can handle. It happens to all of us, and it’s unavoidable in the grand scheme of things. The problem arises when the decisions you make yourself start to negatively affect your life. That was the case for this limo driver one day, when he tried to an ill-advised move. He was driving his limo when he came across a set of train tracks. Because of a the length of limousines, they have a hard time getting over train tracks, they tend to get stuck right at the top. This guy decided he was going to try to get it over anyway. It turned out to be a bad decision, as the limo got stuck right on top of the tracks. What happens next is one of my worst nightmares.

I have to admit, the limo held up better than I thought it. Apparently the middle of the limousine in the strongest part of it. To be able to stand up to a 12,000 horsepower train with 10,000 tons of cargo behind it is pretty impressive. This driver definitely should know better if he has been driving limos for any length of time. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes when he has to go and tell his boss that his dumb decision cost the company a limousine.

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