This Might Only Be The Size Of A Credit Card, But Wait Until You See What It Can Do.

This Might Only Be The Size Of A Credit Card, But Wait Until You See What It Can Do.

Have you ever just wanted to get away, but the thought of missing an important phone call has you convinced that you have to take your cell phone with you? Because you can’t fully disconnect, you find yourself surfing the internet, updating Facebook, and checking out the latest news. This isn’t really disconnecting, now is it? Well lucky for you, there is a new phone coming out that will allow you to disconnect completely, but you’ll still be able to get that important phone call, just in case. This new invention is called the Light Phone and it is a phone the size of a credit card that is used for just one thing… making phone calls. That’s it. You can’t take pictures or surf the web. No updating your Facebook status or transferring money on your bank account. It’s just a simple phone.

This Might Only Be The Size Of A Credit Card, But Wait Until You See What It Can Do.

And yes, I see the humor in something that is being introduced as a step up in modern technology, even though it is essentially going backwards to what phones used to be. Just phones. However, this is cool because of its compact design. You couldn’t put old school phones in your wallet, so obviously this is much improved! And I actually find myself wanting one. Not only for me but for my whole family.  In a day and age where kids are getting cell phones at a younger age than ever before, this may be a way to keep them connected with you but without the worries of what they are looking at online or how much time they’re spending on their phone. I think a phone is a necessity for kids nowadays, but only for phone calls. They don’t need to play games all day and all night, and they definitely don’t need unlimited access to the internet! I believe smartphones are making it harder for kids to have imaginations. They don’t need to go out and play because they can play while sitting on the couch. I might need to get one for my husband too, There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a conversation with someone, only to have them pick up their phone to play Candy Crush!

Here is a video explaining the Light Phone:

I’m actually tempted to get myself one as well. I’ll definitely have to think about it! I love my iPhone but I think I am a little too dependent on it and it would be nice to re-join the land of the non-distracted and put down my smartphone. At least this way, I would still be able to contact people if needed and with a phone call instead of hiding behind a text message! Imagine giving up social media to actually be social in person? Oh, the possibilities!

If you want to help fund the development of the Light Phone, they are on Kickstarter, which is a website that helps people with new ideas find people like us to invest in their ideas in order to make them a reality! The Light Phone is close to reaching their goal and you can donate by clicking here! With all of their donation tiers, you actually have the option of pre-ordering the Light Phone too!


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