Instead Of Professional Boxing, Russia Has Something So Crazy That You’ll Have To See It To Believe It.

I am sure that you are all, as I am, extremely tired of hearing about Maywether’s so called fight. The Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, not the ones that resulted in domestic violence charges. In a time that we are flooded with our sport’s icons disgracing and making a mockery of their sport, I would like to show you a new sport that is reminiscent of a time where chivalry was, in fact, not dead.
Instead Of Professional Boxing, Russia Has Something So Crazy That You'll Have To See It To Believe It.
I have long believed that I was born in the wrong era. Many people in today’s society would be more aptly suited to an environment where bravery and honor are rewarded with status and riches. A time where being in touch with your inner beast was well respected, has been nothing more than a fond historical memory. Well, I have news for you. The reclamation of a better time is upon us. A Russian MMA organization, M-1 Global, has begun a full contact medieval melee as a filler for their MMA matches. In an effort to gain momentum for the sport, these filler matches serve as a teaser to an exciting revival of a sport that was once a way of life. Suited up in full, modernized medieval armor and armed with a sword and shield, these warriors step into the octagon for an amazing display of savagery that is sure to quickly become one of your favorite sports.

While this video is a great teaser for the up and coming medieval revival, below you can watch the entire 3 round knight fight.

That was quite entertaining.

I’m convinced there were more strikes landed in those three rounds than there were in all 12 rounds of the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight!

I don’t know about you, but I may be a little overly excited to see the knight fights turn into a big ticket fight night. I am also very hopeful that they will maintain the level of honor befitting of the lifestyle of the medieval knight’s to which this sport is attributed to. As of now, all of these athletes have my respect and admiration for their dedication to the brutal and demanding sport.


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