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4 Kittens Were Trapped Under A Sidewalk For A Week Before Help Came

4 Kittens Were Trapped Under A Sidewalk For A Week Before Help Came

Hearing a little kitten cry is enough to make even the toughest guys heart melt. There is something about the little squeak they make that makes you want to snatch them up and never let them go. Kittens tend to get themselves into some sticky situations though. We did a story on a kitten that got trapped in an abandoned hospital. Luckily a passerby who was doing some urban exploring heard the little kittens cries and was able to rescue her. Well apparently that is along the same lines of what happened in this video. 4 kittens somehow found themselves stuck inside the drainage pipe from a gutter. Their cries could be heard from underneath the sidewalk, and many people just passed them by. A few kind individuals decided to take action. See what they did for these desperate little kittens in the video below!

Thankfully these people came up with a plan of action and were able to free these poor kittens. They’ve definitely seen better days, but they should all make a full recovery. Not many people would go to the trouble of getting a jack hammer and tearing up a portion of a sidewalk just to free four baby kittens. Luckily though, these people aren’t ordinary people, they are animal rescue heroes.
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