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Kitten Rescued That Was Trapped In The Walls Of An Abandoned Hospital

Kitten Rescued That Was Trapped In The Walls Of An Abandoned Hospital

Finding an animal in distress is always heartbreaking. It seems that the more and more our society advances, the less we think about the impact that we are having on the natural world around us. There are so many stray and homeless animals throughout the world, the numbers would really shock you. If you ever come across an animal in distress, you should take the opportunity to help them in any way you can. Well when Joshua Gold started exploring this abandoned hospital, he probably didn’t expect to get the chance to help anyone. He just wanted to take some pictures and move on with his day. Shortly after entering the building however, things started to take a drastic turn. He heard strange sounds coming from an area of the hospital. He didn’t turn tail and run as most people would however. He decided to investigate, and it’s a really good thing he did too. Check out the reason why in the video below!

I’m so thankful he was able to save this adorable little kitten from what was short to be an agonizing death. Hearing its tiny kitten cries really tugged on my heart-strings. The little guy seems to be extremely happy to be with someone who love him though, and not to mention feed him on a regular basis.. Hopefully Joshua is able to provide a permanent home for this little one. If not, I will definitely throw my hat in the ring to take him.

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