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Seeing These Kids Launch Off A ‘Blob’ In Slow Motion Will Make You Miss Summer Camp

Seeing These Kids Launch Off A 'Blob' In Slow Motion Will Make You Miss Summer Camp

I don’t know about you, but I am extremely jealous of the cool things that have come out since we were kids. It seems like everyday I am seeing something that makes me think, “Why didn’t they have these when I was a kid?” I mean, yeah, we were the very beginning of the video game age. We were there when they came out with the first Nintendo. We played a unique game that people don’t know about these days, I call it ‘playing outside’. Maybe it’s just the ease and portability of digital video recorders that heighten my jealousy by putting the things that I had to live without right in my face. I’m not entirely sure, but new water toys like this blob of a launchpad, definitely make me a little spiteful that my childhood didn’t afford me the luxuries to keep up with the Kardashians, or Joneses, or whatever!
In this video, these kids were pretty stoked to try out this blob launch pad. In this Kids Vs The Blob video, someone had the brilliant idea to attach a GoPro® to their helmets and capture their fantastic reactions. It seems to me that the children’s ideas of fun and excitement quickly changes as they’re launched high into the sky before being plunged into the water. Take a look, and watch how their cute, anxious facial expressions change as they crawl out onto the blob, then get launched into the air.

They are so cute that it almost makes me feel bad for laughing. I really don’t think that the experience would be any different if it were children or adults taking the blob for a ride for the first time. You’re always going to have quite a bit of excitement when you try something new that looks like a lot of fun. With these Kids Vs The Blob, when they experience the force of something throwing them violently in the air, they can’t really help their facial expressions as they experience the feeling of their stomachs leaving their body from a rapid acceleration, like this. The butterflies in their stomachs have got to make their hearts race and once they got out of the water safe and sound, I’m sure all of these kids kept going back for more and more. I know that I would!

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