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News Anchor Helps Boy Get Adopted – 6 Yrs Later, Loses It When Boy Sneaks Onto Set

News Anchor Helps Boy Get Adopted - 6 Yrs Later, Loses It When Boy Sneaks Onto Set

Sometimes you see or hear of a story that just leaves you smiling and happy. And usually stories of adoption are ones just like that. There is nothing better than a child being adopted by a loving family, giving them a safe and loving home environment. This is exactly the case of fourteen-year-old Ke’onte. He grew up in foster homes and lived a pretty unstable life. At one point he even said he was on too many medications that he couldn’t think for himself. During a segment on WFAA New’s weekly segment “Wednesday’s Child,” news anchor Gloria Campos introduced the world to a special young boy who was hoping to be adopted by loving parents.

When Gloria found out that Ke’onte was back in the foster care system, she decided to feature him for a second time on “Wednesday’s Child.” This time, Ke’onte’s segment was spotted by the right family at the right time! Carol and Scott Cook saw Ke’onte on television, and knew right away knew he was meant to be their son. “He just sort of spoke to us through the video,” Scott said.

Gloria and the news team showed aired a video of Ke’onte’s happy ending, but just as the video came to an end, the anchor herself got the surprise of a lifetime live on air.

Ke’onte, now 14 years-old, was hiding behind the news desk, ready to jump out and give Gloria a huge hug! You have to see it for yourself below (the surprise happens right around the 2 minute mark):

My favorite part of this story is that through everything, he never forgot about the people who got him to where he is today. The look on her face when he came around the corner is absolutely heart warming. Adoption is a beautiful thing and watching his story just proves that. I am so happy that Ke’onte found a perfect home that fits him and his parents perfectly. Seeing stories like this will brighten any bad day.

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