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This Jerk Decided To Flip Off A Monkey And Quickly Learned That Was A Bad Idea

This Jerk Decided To Flip Off A Monkey And Quickly Learned That Was A Bad Idea

I have long been a fan of karma and her cosmic retribution. Nothing seems to set my mind at ease as fast as watching someone who is being rude, get their just desserts. I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, Karma’s a b***h! Well, how many of you have heard this one? Karma is only a b***h if you are! Seems suitable and really just goes back to the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Good people generally think that most people are good, while bad people think most are bad.

What you are about to watch is a simple example of these generalized theories. This guy is walking down the street in Shimla, India. As he is walking, he notices a monkey chilling on the street. The human apparently offends the monkey causing him to pull a Jackie Chan, scaling the concrete fence. Trying to be a tough guy, the human puffs up a little and gives the monkey the old one finger salute. Bad idea buddy. What happens next will have you floored pretty quick. Watch below to see the monkey’s reaction to being disrespected. Warning: You may want to put down your drink before pushing play, as I almost had water shooting out my nose.

Now if you didn’t get a good chuckle out of watching that guy get knocked on his butt by a karate monkey with a dangerous dropkick, I don’t know where your sense of humor is hiding. Remember people, what goes around comes around. And if you’re going to be a jerk to an animal, make sure that it’s not one that can put you on your backside. On second thought, just don’t be a jerk to animals!

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