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Drone Follows Kangaroo Around Until Kangaroo Punches Drone Out Of The Air

Kangaroos are curious creatures and they are very protective of their kangaroo family. They tend to travel in groups, which are called mobs and are led by the largest dominate male. Kangaroos are also the largest animal that use hopping as a form of movement. They are unable to walk normally due to their large feet, so when traveling at slow speeds they use their tail to form a type of tripod between their legs to slow their pace. Kangaroos can also jump up to 6 feet in the air and up to 25 feet in distance at a time. Remember that fact. You’ll see why after watching the video.

A YouTube user named NewZulu wanted to take his new drone out and get up close with a group of kangaroos in New South Wales. In his mind he thought he had the perfect shot, an aerial view of kangaroos hanging out and eating together as a mob. But that wasn’t exactly what the kangaroos had in mind. Watch below to find out what happens when these kangaroos are filmed by a drone.

Unfortunately the drone and camera didn’t survive the fight, but he was able to salvage the video. And I imagine the kangaroo was perfectly content with his decision too.

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