Flavor Your Vodka With Jolly Ranchers

Flavor Your Vodka With Jolly Ranchers

If you consider yourself a well-versed drinker and love to try new flavors of alcohol, this one is for you, or maybe you are a little adventurous and just really like trying new alcoholic beverages. If either of these are the case and you haven’t heard of Tipsy Bartender, then you really should get on it. Tipsy Bartender is your one stop on the internet where you can find a wide variety of different alcoholic beverages along with their easy to follow recipes and drinks. It all started thanks to the vision of bartender, Skyy John. He’s from the Bahamas and has a ton of experience mixing drinks for people. His drinks are so good that don’t really taste like they have alcohol in them at all. Thanks to his website, he’s now considered the most influential bartender on the globe! In the video below, he shows you how to make Jolly Rancher vodka using jolly ranchers and vodka. It seems pretty simple. When making this, all you need are those two things, plus 5 different containers that can be placed in your fridge to store the vodka while it’s mixing. As always, please drink responsibly and NEVER, EVER drink and drive.

When it comes down to it, this looks insanely easy to make. Once the vodka has sat in the fridge for 24 hours, just mix the drink with sweet & sour, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic martini. Next time you are having a get together with friends, make this the day before and surprise them with your bartender skills. Thanks to the Tipsy Bartender for making us look a whole lot better at bartending than we actually are! But make sure that you drink responsibly, you really don’t want to end up like one of these people here on BuzzNick!

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