Japanese Show Tests A Predator Shield With A Bear

Japanese Show Tests A Predator Shield With A Bear

We all know that Japan is often at the forefront when it comes to ingenious designs and inventions. Some of them are amazing, while others are pretty crazy and probably relatively useless. Inventors in Japan have designed a robot that feeds you a tomato as you run a marathon, along with the umbrella tie and the mobile toilet paper hat. Plus they offer some of the best and most entertaining game shows known to man. It’s always interesting to see what Japanese inventors have up their sleeve next. But what happens when they decide that humans need to be protected from predators such as lions and tigers and bears, oh my? Well we are about to see, and honestly this doesn’t look like fun at all.

Apparently this is a clip from a new TV show in Japan where they test out new and upcoming inventions. The poor tester was screaming in this video, “OHHH NOOO NOOO NOOO!” All while the people filming were laughing hysterically. I am sure my reaction would be very similar to this if I was stuck in the Japanese Predator Shield. Especially with a large bear rolling the box around like a play toy. This seems like a terrible idea. And now that I think about it, when would I ever be in the wild with the means to take this giant box with me? It’s huge and I am guessing it is probably very heavy. If I ever came across a bear, I would most likely be in the middle of nowhere camping or hiking, rather than lugging in a large piece of equipment. However I am sure there is someone out there that would be more than willing to spend a little bit of money on this invention, just to say they own one. That person just won’t be me anytime soon.

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