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Graphic Video Shows Guys Leg Pierced By Marlin On Boat

Graphic Video Shows Guys Leg Pierced By Marlin On Boat

Fishing is considered to a relaxing past time in today’s world. It was a primary source of food for people of many ancient societies however. I personally love fishing, it’s definitely not for everyone though. When you’re relaxing out on the water, it almost feels like your communing nature in its most raw form. It’s almost meditative in a sense. Some people would classify it as boring though. While yes, fishing can be boring, there are plenty of fish that you can attempt to catch that will make you fight with everything you have. Marlin are definitely one of those types of fish, and you could almost consider trying to catch them an extreme sport. They are incredibly powerful, and will make you fight with every ounce of strength you have to get them aboard the boat. They also have a bill on the end of their face that can pierce human flesh with ease. Well a guy who was deep-sea fishing for Marlin in Hawaii learned about all this the hard way. Check out the video below and see what I mean.

Holy hell! That guy got completely skewered! These marlins are no joke, they can do a ton of damage if they are not handled properly. It’s always a good idea to have the right people out on these trips with you. They know what these fish are capable of and have handled them before. This video was taken in Hawaii, and this guy looks like he could be an islander. So he may be one of the people with the proper training. You can’t avoid every accident however, and this time the fish didn’t want to go quietly into the boat as it were. Hopefully the guy’s leg is ok.

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