Woman Creates Awesome Art Using A Hula Hoop Filled With Paint

Woman Creates Awesome Art Using A Hula Hoop Filled With Paint

Remember when we were younger and hula hoops were so much fun? They gave us a little bit of exercise, but we would always try to see who could go the longest without dropping their hula hoop. We’d try spinning them on our arms, legs, waist, and neck. Well this woman has decided to take her hula hooping skills to another level. They call her Katie Sunshine, and she is full of amazing artistic ideas! But what she decided to do with a hollow hula hoop and some paint is pretty amazing. I have truly never seen anything like this in my entire life. Yes, it’s very messy so if you decided to give this one a try, make sure you cover up anything you don’t want covered in paint!

Did you know that just thirty minutes of constant hula hooping will have the same impact as a cardio kickboxing class? So not only is she creating unique pieces of art while having fun, Katie Sunshine is getting into shape and burning tons of calories! Wow, this turned out pretty cool. This would be a fun activity to do with kids, as long as you cover up any valuables that you care about.

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