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World’s Largest Shark Caught On Camera Attacking Cage And It’s Terrifying

World's Largest Shark Caught On Camera Attacking Cage And It's Terrifying

Are you scared of sharks? I’m not, but at the same time I always keep my distance. I can definitely see why some people would be though. They are huge animals that have a ton of strength and speed behind them. They will tear you apart without second guessing themselves.  I would never swim with the sharks or get inside a metal cage, only to be dropped into the deep ocean to have sharks swim up next to me, banging on the cage to let them in for their next meal, which is ME! While these divers are way more daring than I ever would be, it’s amazing what they captured on camera! In the Fall of 2013, these divers visited Guadalupe Island. Guadalupe Island is home to many adult Great White Sharks during this time of year.  It was the perfect time to see sharks in this area, however they had no idea that they would get to see one so up close and personal. Let alone one this big!

One of the reasons this shark is so large is because she’s pregnant. But that doesn’t account for her length, which was over 20 feet long! Her girth was also the size of a large hippo! I don’t ever want to be stuck in the water with nowhere to go when this shark, nicknamed Deep Blue, is around. And did you see him grab her fin? There is NO way I’d be daring enough to do that, cage or not! What an amazing thing to see in person though, and thankfully for us, it was all caught on film.

Pretty terrifying, right?

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