This Guy Hilariously Explains How To Hold A Baby. I Can’t Stop Laughing At This… LOL

This Guy Hilariously Explains How To Hold A Baby. I Can't Stop Laughing At This... LOL

Babies are the most precious gifts on Earth. They are so tiny, that you often think of them as fragile. When my daughter was born she was a little over 6 lbs and my step-son was afraid he was going to break her (I honestly think my husband felt the same way). I finally had to tell him that she won’t break, and he doesn’t have to be afraid, but then it went the opposite direction and my 11 year old lost all fear of holding the baby and I’m pretty sure he tried most of the positions demonstrated in this video. His favorite hold became the “Other Rugby Ball Hold”, which I personally wasn’t a fan of. After watching him walk around with her, I had to tell him that a little fear was okay!  Jordan Watson is the brilliant man who created this video titled “How To Hold A Baby” where he demonstrates on an adorable little girl! You have to see this!

Now that you know all the different ways to hold a baby, or at least what they are called since you probably already did most of these, you can hold a baby in confidence! It may take practice to master moves such as the Dance Partner, Telephone, and Poor Man’s Front Pack though.  I too am also very relieved to learn that his little girl wasn’t harmed while he demonstrated moves, such as The Superman, while filming this adorable video!


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