Even if You’re Not A Fan Of Voice Activation On Your Phone, This Is Insane.

Even if You're Not A Fan Of Voice Activation On Your Phone, This Is Insane.

SoundHound. Have you heard of it? If you haven’t, then get ready. After seeing this demo you are going to be amazed, your mind will be blown, or one of those other catchy terms that gets overused. Except this time those terms are actually fitting for the situation! SoundHound currently has a well-known music recognition app with the same name. For the last 9 years, they have been working on a virtual assistant app that promises to give Google Now, Siri, and Cortana a run for their money. It’s part research tool, part hands-free system, part personal assistant. One thing you will notice right off the bat is how fast it is. Rather than collect, synthesize, send, and then process your input (which is how most speech-recognition systems work), Hound does all those things simultaneously. It’s like Google’s Instant Search with your voice, searching and re-searching as you talk. I wonder if Siri is jealous. She should be, especially with the attitude she gives me half the time when I ask her simple questions. All of this is just words really until you watch the demo. It starts out with one question at a time and then builds. It is truly amazing!

During a demo, SoundHound founder Keyvan Mohajer spoke a series of ever-escalating commands and questions concerning international locations into his Nexus 5. “The only limit,” Mohajer says, “is my breath.” Hound is like Siri in that you can use the app to send texts, set an alarm, or get directions. But it’s designed to do so much more. Mohajer says he’s particularly interested in recipes; he wants you to be able to say “Okay Hound, I have a stick of celery, some chicken broth, and a sausage,” and have a recipe returned. To do that and more, SoundHound is working to enlist partners to then execute on those commands. It is launching with Expedia, and is looking to add more to that list. Hound will not understand everything you say. There is a list of supported commands which include categories like travel, weather, or navigation. Hound is in private beta now for Android, and is coming to iOS soon. Now that you have seen this amazing new technology, check out these 19 people who should definitely never use it.

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