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Man Creates A Hover Bike From Scratch, And It Actually Works

Man Creates A Hover Bike From Scratch, And It Actually Works

It’s an undeniable fact, every single one of us at one point in our lives have wanted a hover board. Now, whether it was because you saw it on Back To The Future or you’ve just always wanted to hover over the ground, the point is that this technology would be amazing. There have been many scientists who have come out and said that the technology for a hover board is pretty far off. The car manufacturer Lexus recently came out with a concept hover board, it won’t go into production however. No one has really come up with a viable hover board design, but a hover bike? Well that’s a different story! Colin Furze runs a YouTube channel where he creates amazing things right in his own back yard. He even made an unbelievable zombie bunker! This time he set out on a different challenge, and the results speak for themselves!

This thing is absolutely amazing! Now you may not be able to steer it or control it in any way, but I would still love to have one of these. The next logical step is to make the fans bigger so more lift is provided and they can go higher. Developing a way to steer it would also be necessary, but even without those things it’s awesome. Colin Furze is a plumber by trade, so that just goes to show you that you don’t have to have a ton of engineering skill to make cool ideas like this happen.

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