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Barber Gives Free Haircuts To The Homeless On His Day Off

Barber Gives Free Haircuts To The Homeless On His Day Off

There is a very interesting story brewing in NYC, about a 30-year-old stylist and what he is doing out of the kindness of his heart, that is inspiring people everywhere. He is making people a little more stylish and confident. That all seems normal for a stylist right? Well You will be surprised when you see who he has been catering to and helping out of the kindness of his own heart.

Mark Bustos is a stylist at a very hip salon in NYC called Three Squares Studio.

Every Sunday Mark goes around the city looking for people who need a haircut but wouldn’t be able to regularly afford one.

In 2012 Mark Bustos took a family trip to the Philippines where he gave haircuts to the impoverished people of the land for free. The feeling he received was so loving and welcoming that he knew he had to take this new positivity with him back to NYC.

Back in NYC Bustos now gives free haircuts to as many as 6 homeless people each and every Sunday.

Mark prefers to cut their hair in the streets so that people walking by are inspired by his good deeds and pass it along to others. He wants to bring love and help to the streets of NYC.

“My 30th birthday wish is to inspire and be inspired.”

He has a motto we should all try to live by, “Be awesome to somebody today.”

The streets of NYC have become a little happier since 2012 when Mark started offering his talents for free.

You wouldn’t believe some of the transformations. These people are so relieved and thankful for a fresh clean shave and haircut.

The homeless people of NYC don’t have regular haircuts so when Mark comes around they are truly excited. They never know when their next haircut will be so they typically ask Mark to shave it off.

A few of the homeless were inspired to start looking for jobs after their new fresh haircuts.

Mark has now traveled to a few exotic places offering free haircuts to the less fortunate such as places like Jamaica and Costa Rica.

This man has been homeless since he was 14 years old and said to Bustos “This means everything!”

Mark even spreads his love to California. Wherever he can he will offer free haircuts to the less fortunate.

“We All Deserve A Second Chance.”

Mark Bustos has a goal to inspire people and spread love to communities around the world. Well I’m definitely inspired and I hope you are as well. We all should help those who need it most.

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