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Guy Gives Homeless Man $100, Then Secretly Follows Him To See How He Spends It

It seems like in any large city, it’s not unusual to see homeless people on a corner with their sign asking for money, food, or work. But do you ever wonder what happens to the money you give that person? YouTuber JoshPalerLin decided to give a homeless man $100, then he followed him to see what he decided to buy. While it is a hard video to watch because it seems once you give a person money, it is their money to do what they want with, you may be surprised by this outcome.

Expecting the guy to buy booze, Lin was shocked to see his subject walk out of a liquor store with bags full of food which he shared with other homeless people in the area.

The man told Lin: “There’s things money can’t buy and I get a happiness out of what I’m doing.”

His actions touched the YouTube prankster so much, Lin handed over another $100.

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