Paralyzed Dog Can’t Be Separated From Blind Dog

Paralyzed Dog Can't Be Separated From Blind Dog

Friends are friends, no matter what species they may come in. We see it often times with animals. Many different types of wild animals will refuse to leave their friends or family behind when they are in danger. There seems to be something in most living things that compels us to be there for the ones we care about. Dogs are no different in this aspect. These two pups below have both been dealt pretty tough hands in life. They aren’t letting their unfortunate situations stop them from loving life and being the best dogs they can be.

This is Holly and Susie. Holly is paralyzed in her back legs, and Susie is blind and deaf. Despite both their handicaps, these two are the best of friends. Holly has a special stroller that she pulls around with her best friend Susie inside.

Paralyzed Dog Can't Be Separated From Blind Dog
Rumble Viral

Their mother, Norma Miedema is extremely proud of her fur babies and wouldn’t take them any other way than they are right now. She is constantly posting videos and pictures of them to her Facebook.

Paralyzed Dog Can't Be Separated From Blind Dog
Rumble Viral

Check Out The Video On How These Two Get Around!

These two are absolutely adorable together! They seem like the perfect friends. Holly seems very loyal and dedicated to her bestie, and I’m sure Susie is the same way with Holly. Hopefully these two have a very long and happy life together.

Written by Dan Edmund

Dan Edmund has been doing internet marketing for over 10 years and frequently blogs on several websites.

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