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Beluga Whale Teases Children At Aquarium

Beluga Whale Teases Children At Aquarium

I think that the main reason that parents take their kids to the zoo isn’t necessarily the reason that they want you to believe. Most would have you believe that they’re trying to educate their children about different creatures of the vast wilderness… I think it’s more to harass the kids in an attempt at a humorous photo or video. One of the most traumatic experiences from my childhood involved a trip to the Pensacola Zoo in Florida. I was completely infatuated with White Tigers. This wouldn’t have been much of a problem, except the 12 foot chain link fence that was the only barrier between me and the beast was constructed extremely haphazardly. As my mother tells me to back up closer and closer to the fence to get a photo with the seemingly docile beast, he lunges forth to escape from captivity. He bounced forth with such force that the chain link barrier barely contained him and we decided that we were done with the zoo for the day.

The mother that shot this video must have a similar sense of humor. Luckily the barrier between the Beluga Whale and her children was much more secure than the glorified dog run that stood between the White Tiger and myself so many years ago. The hilarious whale video below has a little bit of a slow start, but the end result is absolutely worth the wait. These kids are patiently watching a group of Beluga Whales in an observation area when this one hilarious whale discovers how to heckle and frighten the children. These kids, with the same sense of humor as their mother, find an otherwise potentially frightening experience to be rather hilarious.

The laughter coming from these kids is awesome and absolutely contagious. I’ve seen some mean muggin’ and mad doggin’ in my life, but never from a Beluga Whale. It totally looks like he’s intentionally head-butting the glass and yelling at the kids or talking smack. I can hear a little voice yelling “Come at me BRO!” or “Hold me back, dog, hold me back!” That’s pretty rad. Those kids are just lucky that big piece of glass was holding back this hilarious whale!

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