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These NFL Bad Lip Readings Will Have You In Tears

The past couple years, an amazing thing has been occurring on YouTube. People have been taking video of NFL players and dubbing insane and hilarious sound bites over the real audio. It took the internet by storm, and not long after the first one was released, it spread like wildfire all over cyber-space. More and more videos have followed each season since, and every one is more just as hilarious as the last. Well the video for the 2015 NFL season was just recently released, and it lives up to the its predecessors.

Check Out The Hilarious NFL Bad Lip-Reading Video!

Whoever decided to start doing this is an absolute genius. The motions of these players mouths lines up perfectly with the voiceovers these people create. These videos have garnered major attention, with millions upon millions of views piling up. It’s safe to say that as long as people keep watching, there will be plenty more bad lip-reading where this came from.

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