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This Duck Whisperer Can Herd Thousands Of Ducks With Just A Flag

This Duck Whisperer Can Herd Thousands Of Ducks With Just A Flag

Animals are incredible, in that they can learn different skills and traits pretty quickly when trained appropriately. We have seen many videos of pets doing unbelievable tricks and obeying absolutely absurd commands. A lot of times people think this is true just for regular home animals that people call their pets, but we recently documented a story about a magpie that was rescued too. I think with the proper care and nourishment, any animal can be trained to do whatever it is you need. And that is true for this guy in the below video. Most of the time you look at ducks and don’t think too much of them. They are fun to feed bread to and they are beautiful creatures, but I don’t think most people think of them as an animal that can be trained. You have to see the below video for yourself to believe it.

Pretty amazing, right? It’s definitely not what I would expect from a typical duck. But in all actually, duck herding is pretty common across the world by farmers. I am sure watching a duck herder is a rare site to see though. Sometimes when you don’t see something every day, you don’t really imagine it to be true. But once you see the event, it is really amazing. Have you ever seen duck herding in person? Was it as fascinating to see as the above video?

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