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Dog On The Brink Of Death For 2 Whole Weeks Miraculously Pulls Through

Dog On The Brink Of Death For 2 Whole Weeks Miraculously Pulls Through

There is no case of animal abuse that doesn’t touch my heart. Each time I see a story about someone hurting a helpless animal, I become incredibly sad and angry all at the same time and this was no exception. While we don’t know if this was a case of animal abuse, this dog that was found in India was in bad shape. She had a severe injury to her head, and was just laying in a garden waiting to die. A group of amazing people who are part of an organization called Animal Aid Unlimited quickly raced to the scene in order to see if they could help the dog. They brought her back to their facility and did what they could to help her. Something was not right however. She slept for almost 2 weeks, waking up intermittently for short periods of time. The group feared her brain damage might be permanent. On the third week though, something miraculous happened!

What a truly astonishing change! It’s amazing that one week could be the difference between sleeping almost 24 hours a day and being as active as she was at the end of the video. This little girl got a new lease on life thanks to the kindness of these amazing people. She surely wouldn’t have made it for very much longer lying in that garden. They gave her a very fitting name, Happy. Hopefully they can find this little girl a home where she will be happy forever.

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