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Tuba Player Hilariously Trolled The KKK During Their Rally

Tuba Player Hilariously Trolled The KKK During Their Rally

There is something so great about watching total idiots trying to look like bad asses only to get made fun of and end up looking like total idiots. While our country has been waging a dispute over the confederate flag it’s really nice to know that we have the trolls to rely on. That’s right the comedians are still here to give us a good laugh. They never let us down in times like these. During a KKK rally march in Columbia, SC, they really brought it home. While members of the KKK were marching to a rally a sousaphone player decided to play a little marching music for them. He picked the most perfect tune ever! The women’s comments are pretty funny too. Take a look below as this guy trolls the KKK.

A group of Ku Klux Klansmen and neo-Nazis rallied at the South Carolina State House in support of the Confederate flag. Their message was that the flag celebrates heritage, not hate, but that falls on deaf ears considering they’re a hate group. The musician’s name is Matt Buck. This guy trolls the KKK so bad in front of the whole town. He said that he wouldn’t let the group march without booming a wonderful rendition of Ride of the Valkyries, a tune which when played makes the march seem like the big joke it is. “I didn’t really know how to show my opposition [to KKK rally], so that was my way of doing it.” Matt studied tuba performance at the University of South Carolina. Somehow I doubt any of the marchers even bothered to thank Matt for the marching music. Along with being a low life hate group, they have no manners either.

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