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Divers Were Recording A Shark In Front Of Them, Not Realizing One Was Behind Them Inside Cage

Divers Were Recording A Shark In Front Of Them, Not Realizing One Was Behind Them Inside Cage

It is a rather amazing, and yet slightly disturbing, fact that we know more about space and the galaxy that we live in than we do about our own oceans. The ocean covers 70% of the Earth and there is so much left to be discovered. Ocean exploration is vital to the advancement of our species, as well as the preservation of all ocean life. We have seen some very strange creatures come out of the ocean, things like giant serpents or enormous squids. There are fish that look like they have human teeth and things that glow like a neon light. All of these things are magnificent, but one oceanic creature that is on a playing field all its own is hands down, the Great White Shark! The Great White is the king of the sea and one of the most feared and powerful creatures in the world. The Great White Shark has been around since the age of the dinosaurs and against all odds, has survived to be the most fearsome beast in the water. These giant creatures captivate our imaginations and harness our fears.

A group of divers were cage diving off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Baja California, Mexico with the hopes of witnessing a Great White. They baited the water and submerged themselves deep below the ocean’s surface. All of a sudden a huge Great White appeared and the divers are entranced by its graceful strides through the water. They can’t seem to take their eyes off of it. This shark is enormous so it’s easy to understand why they couldn’t look away. Well while they were distracted by this Great White, something had been lurking in the background the whole time. What happens next is the cause for an underwear change and a blood curdling scream. Watch the video below and get ready for a scare!

I don’t know about you but if I saw a Great White swimming in the water, cage or not, I wouldn’t be in there with it. I’ve seen the movieĀ Jaws and that shark can easily take out a diver’s cage. The video here proves that even the smaller sharks can get inside the cage for a nibble. Granted the guy shoved him back out with a little kick to the nose but who in their right mind would do that to a shark? I love the ocean and I love these insane videos, but you wouldn’t find me behind the camera with sharks in the water around me. Just imagine if the camera man had his shoulder up against the cage where the shark tried to enter. I don’t think his camera hand would be quite as steady.

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