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Lady Completely Freaks Out After Tapping On Virtual Shark Tank

Lady Completely Freaks Out After Tapping On Virtual Shark Tank

Ok, I know there are a lot of you practical jokers out there. I absolutely love a good joke and can appreciate the planning, even if the joke’s on me. Most people are smart to pick the safe and easy route of pranking a friend or family member. They are easier access, you know where they are going to be and what their daily habits are. Not to mention the lifetime of stories you have after executing a successful prank. If you are at a backyard BBQ, are you more likely to keep the conversation going with, “Remember when we pranked that stranger?” or “Remember when you almost gave grandma a heart attack?” I know which one I would choose.

Check out this video of this family and their grandma prank, then leave some comments about your favorite memories of pranks that you have pulled on your family and friends.

Totally classic. And the best part, it appears that no elderly person’s hips were broken in the grandma prank.

This virtual shark tank exhibit at the Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. museum manages to scare people every single day. It features a video of a shark attack that’s so realistic it left at least this visitor on his butt on the floor. It even has a sign that reads, “touch this glass if you dare.”

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