Silverback Gorilla Farts Right On This Photographer And It Is Hilarious

Silverback Gorilla Farts Right On This Photographer And It Is Hilarious

Getting to experience wild animals in their natural habitat is one of the most rewarding and serene experiences that anyone can have in my opinion. There is something about being out of your own comfort zone and being in theirs that makes it something you really have to experience to be able to appreciate. There are many times when I would prefer the company of animals over people. Well for John King, a wild life enthusiast who is frequent participant on Zegrahm Expeditions at Bwindi Impenetrable Natural Park, he received the ultimate full immersion into the natural wild life in the area with an extremely close up gorilla encounter. This extreme gorilla encounter is one of the most extraordinary wild life meetings I have ever seen. Silverback gorillas can have a reputation with some people as very aggressive creatures. I have always found gorillas, and primates in general to be absolutely fascinating. You really can see the intelligence in their faces and in the way they move and interact. You won’t want to miss this amazing gorilla encounter!

Check Out This Close Up Gorilla Encounter Video!

How cool was that! I can’t imagine the feeling of actually being in the jungle, and being able to interact with these amazing creatures in their home. I will admit that having a silverback gorilla sitting 5 feet behind me would be a little unnerving. However, the experience of having all those baby gorillas crawl all over you would be totally worth it. They seemed to just accept John as one of their own, and even started grooming him by picking bugs out of his hair! This only strengthen my desire to one day make a trip to Africa and experience this kind of wildlife first hand.

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