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This Goat Was Caught On A Power Line Until Municipal Workers Stepped In

This Goat Was Caught On A Power Line Until Municipal Workers Stepped In

When it comes to animal rescues, we’ve done our fair share of stories on them. There was the cat that was caught in a storm drain. There was the dog that was buried alive by it’s owner. There was also the dog that was buried underneath a porch on accident. The stories of how these animals ended up in these situations varies, but no matter how they got there they were incredibly lucky to be found and rescued when they were. This video though…I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a stranger animal rescue in my life. A goat in Greece found itself in a very precarious situation that it couldn’t get itself out of. The end result made me smile though. Check out what happened in the video below.

Good on these guys for not just looking the other way as so many other people would. They took it upon themselves to make sure this goat was ok and didn’t suffer a cruel fate. They definitely had to try a few different things before they were able to get it down. The ladder idea is what most people would go for to start out this rescue operation, it clearly becomes apparent that won’t get the job done though. Instead of just saying “Well, we tried”, they kept their wits about them and were able figure out a solution. Now let’s just hope this goat doesn’t go from out of the frying pan and into the fire and become tomorrows dinner.

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