Fast Moving Landslide In Japan Wipes Out Everything

Fast Moving Landslide In Japan Wipes Out Everything

Nature can be beautiful in one moment, and absolutely terrifying the next. Being from Michigan, I know what it’s like when the weather changes in an instant. The sun could be shining all day and then within 10 minutes it will be storming like crazy. Well different areas of the world deal with different weather phenomenons. In Japan, the mountainous terrain can cause a major risk of giant landslides. This video shows just how destructive these mass walls of sliding mud and rock can be. Japan however has one of the most advanced systems in the entire world for identifying areas where these potential disasters will occur. Notice how in the video, this giant landslide occurs right along the edge of the road where a roadblock has been set up. This process is known as “Slope Failure Prediction”. This is a scientific process that is used to identify areas that are vulnerable to landslides. Measures are taken to make sure that only the portions of the slope that are affected collapse, leaving the rest of the roads that wind along the mountain sides to stay in tact. The power these slides create is absolutely astonishing, trees are thrown around like toys and the speed with which these slides move is very deceptive. The video of this giant landslide will leave you awe-struck.

Check Out This Giant Landslide In Japan!

Some pretty scary stuff right? This thing literally swallows up this entire road in a matter of seconds. It takes trees and even power poles and lines right down with it. The amount of force and energy these things carry is probably astronomical. I know people who have personally lost homes to landslides, and the stories they tell are horrifying. I know I would never want to be near one of these ever in my life.

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