Dog Jumps Through Field Like A Kangaroo

Dog Jumps Through Field Like A Kangaroo

Dogs are awesome animals and pets. They don’t hide what they are feeling and you can always tell when they are in a good mood or a bad mood. I know my dogs are always ready to give me bowl me over and give me slobbery wet kisses when I walk through the door. Well this dog is apparently in a VERY good mood when he finds out he has just stepped into a mysterious place known as a corn field. What could be in here? New friends to play with or a hole to dig? All this funny jumping dog knows is he is ready to have fun. This dog doesn’t know how to contain his joy until he settles on jumping around like a deer as the right answer. I wonder what would happen if you threw a toy for this dog into. this field? Either way, I couldn’t stop laughing at this funny jumping dog. He is ecstatic and he wants everyone to know it!

Check Out This Funny Jumping Dog On Video!

After watching this video, I really want to join this funny jumping dog. Being so care free and happy is something that humans rarely are able to do. Sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves not to take life so seriously and that we can find enjoyment in the small, everyday things that we do. It can be as simple as being caught in traffic or having to stay late at the office. Life shouldn’t be a chore, it should be an adventure. Maybe we should all take a lesson from this dog and jump around a cornfield for a while. Maybe we can all capture the joy that this dog must have been feeling. I mean it can’t hurt right?

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