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Watching This 4-Year-Old Take Her First Aerobatic Flight Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

Watching This 4-Year-Old Take Her First Aerobatic Flight Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day

Think back to one of your happiest days, a time where you laughed so much your face hurt. That is what four-year old Lea experienced when her father Raphael Langumier who is an experienced pilot took his daughter Léa up in his two-seater plane for some fun. She is no stranger to flight as her father is an experienced pilot logging over 8,000 hours of flight time in more than 60 types of aircraft since 1991. But this flight was special because it was the first time they would do aerobic maneuvers together. Raphael Langumier, 40, said that he took her on the ride in Lachute, outside Montreal, so that she would not be afraid of planes going upside. In the video, little Léa can be seen having so much fun that she tells her father to do it again and again. She can’t get enough of the loopty loops. And her laugh is pretty much the cutest thing you will ever hear. It can almost transport you back to your own childhood, a time where laughs came easy and were contagious. I don’t think anyone can watch this video and not smile.

Raphael Langumier said his daughter, who has been flying in planes since she was two, wants to be a stewardess like her mother. To that I say, hey Léa why not aim a little bit higher and become a pilot like your father? It seems to be in your blood. Either way, riding high above the clouds is definitely in this adorable little girl’s future.

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